About Your Team

Holly , Dental Assistant

How long have you been in dentistry and how long have you been with the practice? 23 years in dentistry and 1 year 7 months with the practice.

Hobbies: Riding quads, spending time with dogs, tending to flower garden and photography

Favorite quote: Me thinks you doth protest too much

Favorite season/seasonal activity:  Spring is my favorite season but I can ride my quad in any weather.

If I could have dinner with anyone it would be Dr. Phil and my grandma

If my iPod got stuck one one musician, who would it be Bruce Springsteen or Tom Petty

If I could get a one way ticket to anywhere, it would be Jamaica as long as my husband and kids could go.

On my pizza you'll find all toppings except for tomatoes and anchovies

Favorite flower is Bird of Paradise

Favorite 80's movie is Princess Bride and Overboard.

I'm impatiently waiting for grand babies